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An agile team is one that…

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I recently asked an open-ended question on LinkedIn. I asked people to complete the following sentence. An agile team is one that… The request got a lot of suggestions, and there are some I think particularly worth exploring. This post looks at my two favorite answers. Self-correcting Firstly, “An agile team is one that self-corrects,” […]

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Testing Azure ARM templates is easier with ARM-TTK

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Editing Azure ARM templates can be a bit monotonous and especially so when you are deploying the template after each change just to see if your changes worked. ARM-TTK (ARM Test Toolkit) is a tool designed to help make that process a bit easier. Written in PowerShell, the scripts run a set of tests against […]

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2021 PC Build List

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I haven’t built a machine in probably 15 years because laptops have been enough to function as my primary machine. While this has remained largely true, there are some high-end jobs my laptop just doesn’t have the horsepower to drive some workloads that I would like to work with. Example workloads include model training, data […]

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The Rise of App Stores for Commercial Software

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App stores for mobile devices are ubiquitous. Few people think of heading to a software company’s website to download an app. They head for their mobile platform’s app store and they certainly don’t think of calling up a sales department to make an app purchase. The commoditization and disposability of apps is a significant part […]

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3 Things Every Scrum Practitioner Should Know


Tomorrow at 8:00 Pacific join me, Gunther Verheyen and an expert panel to discuss our essays in Gunther’s book, 97 Thing Every #Scrum Practitioner Should Know. Gunther will read the essays, followed by Q&A from the attendees. My article is entitled “Automating Agility.” I hope you attend to learn what I mean by that. It’s probably not […]

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The Burden of Features in Software

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I?ve been removing a couple of dead features this week. You know, those features that senior people in organisations like to tell epic war stories about. Those mighty conversations at dinner parties, where a person involved talks about all the pain and sorrow, about how a particular capability ended up in the software, how (crappy) […]

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