Agile Transformations of Any Size

Agile transformations come in numerous shapes and sizes. Rarely does one size fit all. Our experience with multiple the many sizes and business models of our clients enables us to help you find exactly the right agile cocktail for your organization.

Moving to an agile mindset means actual change occurs in business practices and interdepartmental relationships. This can be a risky phase in your agile adoption. We can help smooth the way by working with you to find new service agreements between departments; breaking down old barriers to generating value quickly, and building new relationships between existing, necessary functions within your business.

Creating an improvement backlog and roadmap can be key to successfully introducing change without disrupting current business. Customers benefit from our experiences of turning large, lumbering battleship organizations into fleets of nimble attack boats capable of carrying out a shared and unified vision or mission.

Moving with agility does not necessarily mean introducing a re-organization in your company, but when it does we can help minimize the disruption and time spent re-norming on teams using techniques we’ve learned by doing exactly this kind of work with others.

We can serve any sized agile appetite


Assessments for organizations, teams, and individuals to understand value, capabilities, and practices.

To actually manage change and ongoing business in an agile organization, it is important to take frequent measurements, providing feedback loops that empower management to make valuable decisions. Our various approaches to assessing and measuring outcomes provide the critical business intelligence needed to make critical decisions.

Formal quantitative assessments of outcomes and practices are available for organizations, teams, and even individuals, so everyone understands where to focus for immediate improvement.

Informal assessment through interviews and qualitative reports are also instrumental in gaining insights to a company’s inner workings. In some engagements, confidential and therefore transparent reports can be prepared for leaders and executives looking for deeper understanding how things are going.

Non-Traditional Agility

I have worked with David as a community member, fellow employee and all around agilist. Regardless of role, David has always been determined to bring the best out of the people and the situation. His commitment to bringing out the potential in the teams, solution and future goals is an incredible force for positive change.
Carline WIlliams, Microsoft Sr Developer Technology Specialist
Agile practices aren’t just useful for delivering software. Lean Agile and Scrum practices are finding increasing applicability in non-technical industries, marketing projects, education, and even publication. In fact, David Starr and his family use a Scrum-derived method to manage themselves and their responsibilities. Using agile and lean inspired techniques, they manage deliverables for private life, such as: school reports, college applications, learning new skills, and even daily chores.

With that kind of flexibility, we have helped professionals apply agile practices in fields like marketing, robotics and hardware engineering, sales, education, and program management.

We understand that agile values, principles, and practices apply to many circumstances beyond software development.

Recruiting Assistance and Guidance

Trying to find great people to make an even greater team can be the hardest sort you’ll ever perform.

During periods of rapid growth, or even during business as usual, great developers can be hard to find. Great developers, who are a perfect fit for your team and organization, can be very difficult to attract.

We work with some of the greatest technical talent on earth. We can help you design an interview and on-boarding process attracting great employees, decreasing hiring costs, and increasing the likelihood that new technical employees will fit perfectly with your organization.

Contract a Scrum Team

I worked closely with David for about a year while he was a Program Manager at Microsoft. During this time I found him to be extremely knowledgeable in how to organize teams for maximum success. He has great breadth and depth when it comes to software development process and brings incredible passion to any endeavor; his energy has a positive effect on those around him. I found him to be a very pragmatic person, with a strong customer empathy and desire to get things done and ship great software.
Ian Bavey, Principal Development Lead, Visual Studio Team, Microsoft
If you have a software project and need a world-class software development team to bring life to your great idea, we can help there too. With close relationships to many of the tech industry’s best independents and contract developers, we can assemble a project team that will delight you. Our network of hyper-productive developers are immediately effective when teamed up to continuously deliver working software and collaborate closely with you.

With staff augmentation or simple software contract work, you are sure to get the most value for your investment.

If you need a fully functional team to address your hottest project, we can help there, too.

How else might we help?

If you have a problem or idea that sounds like it might be a good fit for working with Elegant Code Solutions, contact us today for a conversation. If we aren’t the right organization to help you move forward, we are happy to put you in touch with industry leaders who can probably help with your specific challenge.

Who knows what goodness might result?

Sometimes it takes a new perspective on a problem to see a different path forward.