David occasionally takes commissions for online learning materials for special clients and projects. Do you need content for your enterprise learning library?

We can work with you to ensure your employees receive consistent technical or process training they can consume at their own pace.

Updated and customized versions of this curriculum are often available for in-person classroom delivery.

David an was early contributor to the Pluralsight OnDemand library, which has grown into one of the largest online resources for professional technologists in the world. He has multiple courses in the library and is usually working on adding even more.

The above courses, authored by David, are available for viewing at Pluralsight.com. Updated and customized versions of this curriculum are often available for classroom delivery. Feel free to inquire if one of these titles could be delivered in person to your team.

While there are more courses in the library we’ve authored, we believe these are still relevant to most people and these are the online courses of which we are most proud.


The Original Pluralsight On-Demand Crew at our first author retreat.

The original Pluralsight OnDemand crew at our first author retreat. This was all of us at the time.