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The Professional Scrum Developer (PSD) course is a 3-day course that teaches how
to create great software using the Scrum framework. Working in a series of Sprints,
teams of students collaborate, apply modern engineering practices, and use the
Scrum framework to develop increments of potentially releasable functionality.


The course implements Scrum itself and creates Scrum Teams that deliver working software, giving students practice using Scrum with their development tools.


This course teaches students to leverage specific development tools when employing Scrum. The PSD uses your tools and your team to make it your Scrum.


Technical and team practices covered are those we believe team members need to successfully implement and ship software with technical excellence and maximum value.

Subject Areas

  • Scrum
  • Complimentary agile practices
  • Technical Excellence
  • Microsoft ALM Tools
  • Visual Studio
  • Visual Studio Online
  • Team Foundation Server
  • Architecture and system design tools
  • Test-First and Validation Testing Tools
  • SQL Server design tools and practices


Anyone who might find themselves on a Development Team will benefit from this class.  Development Teams are composed of technical professionals from a wide range of specialties, and the Professional Scrum Developer course is designed to embrace them all. Business analysts, UX designers, coders, quality specialists, architects, testers, project managers, and engineers will all find value in the PSD experience.

Further, teams needing to learn Microsoft’s software development tool stack can do so while learning Scrum at the same time. Topics in the course are a balance of tooling, Scrum, and complimentary practices in both agile processes and technical excellence.

Assessment & Certification certification requires rigorous assessment. The Professional Scrum Developer course has one associated assessment: PSD I. While this assessment is available to the public for purchase, if you complete the Professional Scrum Developer course you will receive a voucher to take the PSD I assessment one time following the course.