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The Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) course teaches people how to maximize the delivery of value through software products and systems. The PSPO course helps students develop and solidify this understanding from early stakeholder management to release planning and delivery.

Subject Areas

  • Value Driven Development
  • Product Management
  • Managing Requirements
  • Planning Releases
  • Lean Planning
  • Managing Products


Those accountable for maximizing the value delivered by products and services, including:

  • Product Managers and Scrum Product Owners responsible for the delivery of a product
  • IT Development Managers responsible lines of business or internal company systems
  • Strategy managers responsible for the overarching direction of a product or product family

Assessment & Certification certification requires rigorous assessment. The PSPO course has two associated assessments with two levels of certification: PSPO I and PSPO II. When you complete a PSPO course you will receive one complimentary attempt at the PSPO I assessment. Certifications are only granted to those that achieve a passing score.